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Descendants of Charles and Harriet Burden


Charles Burden was born on the 1st January 1816 in Chirton, Wiltshire. He was the son of Paul and Elizabeth (nee Pierce) Burden.

Harriet Offer was born in 1814.


They married on the 24th December 1838. Charles and Harriet, and two children, arrived in South Australia Tuesday March 16th 1847 on the Barque Princes Royal.

Known Children

  1. Diana Maria was born on the 2nd August 1839. She died on the 6th September 1890.
  2. Maria was born on the 20th October 1848. She married Thomas Herraman on the 29th Augst 1867. Maria died on the 22nd April 1906 and Thomas died on the 25th February 1907. Children:
    1. Harriet Maria Herraman was born on the 19th January 1868 and married John Robert Hamilton (born the 21st January 1861) on the 7th December 1889. Harriet died aged 33 years on the 20th August 1901 and John died on the 24th August 1926. Chidren:
      1. Harold
      2. Grace
      3. Mary Bell was born on the 24th November 1892 and married Bertie Kenneth Eastick (born 9th January 1890, the son of Charles Ambrose Eastick) on the 7th February 1912. Mary died on the 12th April 1986 and Bertie died on the 25th July 1965. Children:
        1. Howard Kenneth Eastick
        2. Coralie Harriet was born on the 21st September 1915. She married Leslie Elliot Robert Lawrence (born on the 20th September 1917, son of Emily Ethel May Lawrence nee Ladhams) on the 29th June 1940. Coralie died on the 3rd March 2000 and Leslie died on the 9th of May 2004. Children:
          1. Barbara
          2. Nancy
          3. Trevor
          4. Helen Dawn Lawrence was born on the 21st May 1947. She married Robert Kingsley Durant (born on the 3rd July 1948, the son of George Frederick Durant & Blanche Annette (nee Champness)).
            Her second marriage is to Deane Frank Prettejohn (born:10th July 1947 (son of Frank Harry Prettejohn & Lily Mary (nee Chambers)). Child of Helen and Robert Durant:
            1. Jacqueline Annette Durant was born on the 6th July 1978. She married Bradley Thomas Skuse (born on the 10th June 1977). Children:
              1. Makayla Belle Skuse
              2. Kai Bradley Skuse
        3. Jessie Hamilton Eastick
        4. John Charles Eastick (AKA Jack)
        5. Nancy Eastick
      4. Gladys Rose
      5. Dulcie May
    2. Alice
    3. Mary
    4. Adelaide
    5. Albert James
    6. Thomas
    7. Edith
    8. Elsie
  3. Elizabeth Jane was born on the 27th July 1854 and died on the 6th October 1935


Charles died on the 9th July 1890, at St Leonards South Australia. He was buried in the Old Payneham Cemetery, South Australia.

Harriet died on the 1st May 1891.

Details and photos are from Helen Prettejohn. She has a website at Her husband Deane Prettejohn's site is

Charles Burden

Charles Burden

Elizabeth and Harriet Burden

Harriet Burden with daughter
Elizabeth Burden

Thomas and Maria Herraman

Maria, daughter of Charles and Harriet,
with husband Thomas Herraman

Harriet Hamilton, daughter of
Thomas and Maria Herraman and granddaughter of Charles and Harriet

John Hamilton, Harriet's husband

Coralie, great great grandchild of Charles and Harriet and daughter and Mary and Bert Eastick, with her husband Les Lawrence
on their wedding day in 1940